The Parents Just Got Smarter – About Stuff

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It’s always nice to get recognition from your kids that they’ve learned something from you—after age 12!

So we were pleased to see this Facebook post from our son, John, about his recent move.

“I’m moved out of my house!

When I thought about moving years ago I said that it’d take the giant size moving truck to move all the junk I’d accumulated over a decade living in the same place so the last couple years I’ve been trying to minimize stuff, optimize and organize. So when it was time to move they brought the giant truck, but my stuff filled less than a quarter.

Probably a great time to plug my parents’ excellent book, The Stuff Cure, on downsizing your accumulated possessions!”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

And we expect that the money John saved on his move will help him as he shops to fill up a room in his new place that seems to be begging for a pool table.