Unstuff-athon Days 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

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11. Detoxify Taxing

Get ready for tax season. Organize your current receipts and set up a system for next year. As documents arrive in the mail and on-line, collect them in the spot where you keep your tax records. Throw out tax records that are over 7 years old to make room for new records. If you still own property or other financial assets, you may need to keep the paperwork even longer. Check  www. IRS.gov to make sure you understand the rules as they apply to you.

12. Gift a Thrift

Locate a thrift shop in your area and make a donation from the things in your unstuffing staging area. Get a receipt for your tax records for next year’s taxes. Feel good that you’re helping someone else obtain a bargain.

13. Play the market–realistically though

Find some really valuable items that are not currently functional or outrageously sentimental and begin the process of selling. On Facebook, search for Buy and Sell Groups near your zip code. Price the items to sell. You’ll raise cash and learn more about what to sell and what to donate. If you estimate that the item will fetch over $500, investigate an auction house near you.

14. Visit the scene and clean. Target a larger space – your off-site storage unit

If you have a storage unit, make a list of what is in there that you really want to keep. If you are storing something because you might want to use it someday, know that the day has arrived when you can say goodbye to most of that stuff. It will take some time to clean out a storage unit, but your savings by not paying the storage company will be tangible. You will also save time by not having to drive to your storage location. If you don’t have off-site storage pat yourself on the back for keeping your stuff to a level that you can store it within your own home.

15. Congratulations! You’ve been unstuffing for two weeks. Keep on unstuffing as it gets easier with practice. Think about the benefits to you of owning less stuff. Do you feel more organized? Do you like the idea of using your stuff to help others? Does your home feel more spacious? Discover the joy of an unstuffed life.