Really Valuable? Who Cares?

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On either side of the door in our bedroom, you see artwork. We even painted the walls a subtle green as an enhancing background for these pictures. On the left is a watercolor by Leland McClellan that belonged to Betty’s Mother and depicts an Ohio rural scene. The art on the right belonged to Mike’s Dad and was painted by our son John, his grandfather’s favorite 5-year-old artist and namesake.

Are they valuable? Neither would meet the Stuff Cure’s criterion of $500 resale value for “really valuable.” But we’re not concerned about this. Because these two items both conform to the other two criteria for what to keep. They’re currently functional with respect to the décor in our home. And second, they are outrageously sentimental since we inherited them from our parents. Well, the watercolor on the left is of medium sentiment! But both probably represent things that our own kids may later want to have, especially if they match their taste and décor when the time comes for them to inherit this artwork from us.